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Sam Waterston

Fecha de nacimiento: 15/11/1940
Lugar: Cambridge EE.UU.
Fitzwilly (Fitzwilly) -1967
Generation (Generation) -1969
Cover Me Babe (Cover Me Babe) -1970
Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name? (Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name?) -1971
Savages (Savages) -1972
The Glass Menagerie (The Glass Menagerie) -1973
Reflections of Murder (Reflections of Murder) -1974
El gran Gatsby (The great gatsby) -1974
Vidas sin barreras -1974
Rancho Deluxe (Rancho Deluxe) -1975
Journey into Fear (Journey into Fear) -1975
Sweet Revenge (Sweet Revenge) -1977
Capricornio Uno (Capricorn One) -1978
Por fuego propio (Friendly fire) -1979
Eagle's Wing (Eagle's Wing) -1979
Un enredo para dos (Hopscotch) -1980
La puerta del cielo (Heaven's Gate) -1980
Sweet William (Sweet William) -1980
Q.E.D. (Q.E.D.) -1982
Games Mother Never Taught You (Games Mother Never Taught You) -1982
In Defense of Kids (In Defense of Kids) -1983
Dempsey (Dempsey) -1983
Los gritos del silencio (The Killing Fields) -1984
Love Lives On (Love Lives On) -1985
Flagrant Desire (Flagrant Desire) -1985
Finnegan empieza de nuevo (Finnegan Begin Again) -1985
Señal de alarma (Warning Sign) -1985
The Fifth Missile (The Fifth Missile) -1986
Hannah y sus hermanas (Hannah and her sisters) -1986
Entre amigos (Just Between Friends) -1986
The Room Upstairs (The Room Upstairs) -1987
Des Teufels Paradies (Des Teufels Paradies) -1987
Septiembre (September) -1987
Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami (Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami) -1988
Hostile Witness (Hostile Witness) -1988
Gore Vidal's Lincoln (Gore Vidal's Lincoln) -1988
Welcome Home (Welcome Home) -1989
Delitos y faltas (Crimes and Misdemeanors) -1989
The Nightmare Years (The Nightmare Years) -1989
A Captive in the Land (A Captive in the Land) -1990
Law & Order (Law & Order) -1990
Lantern Hill (Lantern Hill) -1990
The Civil War (The Civil War) -1990
Mindwalk (Mindwalk) -1990
I'll Fly Away (I'll Fly Away) -1991
Verano en Louisiana (The Man in the moon) -1991
Verano en Lousiana -1991
I'll Fly Away: Then and Now (I'll Fly Away: Then and Now) -1993
Earth and the American Dream (Earth and the American Dream) -1993
La madre de David (Davidīs Mother) -1994
Los asesinatos de mamá (Serial Mom) -1994
Asalto en West Point (Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnso) -1994
The Enemy Within (The Enemy Within) -1994
Milagro a medianoche (Miracle at midnight) -1998
Le divorce (Le divorce) -2003
El caso Sloane (Miss Sloane) -2016