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Alley Mills

Fecha de nacimiento: 09/05/2000
The Associates (The Associates) - 1979
Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case (Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case) - 1980
A Matter of Life and Death (A Matter of Life and Death) - 1981
Making the Grade (Making the Grade) - 1982
Prototype (Prototype) - 1982
La otra mujer (The Other Woman) - 1983
Going Berserk (Going Berserk) - 1983
The Atlanta Child Murders (The Atlanta Child Murders) - 1985
Cicatriz de guerra (To heal a nation) - 1988
The Wonder Years (The Wonder Years) - 1988
I Love You Perfect (I Love You Perfect) - 1989
Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted (Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted) - 1992
Elegidos para matar (Tainted Blood) - 1993
Moment of Truth: Caught in the Crossfire (Moment of Truth: Caught in the Crossfire) - 1994
Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare (Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare) - 1995
Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan (Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan) - 1995