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Neil Roach

Murder in Three Acts (Murder in Three Acts) - 1986
Dallas: The Early Years (Dallas: The Early Years) - 1986
My Brother's Wife (My Brother's Wife) - 1989
Living a Lie (Living a Lie) - 1991
To Dance with the White Dog (To Dance with the White Dog) - 1993
A Place to Be Loved (A Place to Be Loved) - 1993
Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times (Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times) - 1993
James A. Michener's Texas (James A. Michener's Texas) - 1994
The Substitute Wife (The Substitute Wife) - 1994
Negocio sentimental (Baby Brokers) - 1994
Furia silenciosa (Silent rage) - 1982
Mi Nombre es Bill W (MY NAME IS BILL W) - 1989
Dos madres para Zacarías (Two Mothers For Zachary) - 1996
La felicidad herida (We Were The Mulvaneys) - 2002
Más falsas apariencias (The whole ten yards) - 2004