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Gailard Sartain

Roadie (Roadie) -1980
La ambición de Jodie Palmer (Hard Country) -1981
Hard Country (Hard Country) -1981
Rebeldes (The Outsiders) -1983
All of Me (All of Me) -1984
Elígeme (Choose Me) -1984
Trouble in Mind (Trouble in Mind) -1985
Uphill All the Way (Uphill All the Way) -1985
La batalla del campamento (Ernest goes to camp) -1987
Made in Heaven (Made in Heaven) -1987
Querido detective (The Big Easy) -1987
Una banda de locos (Leader of the Band) -1987
Los modernos (The Moderns) -1988
Arde Mississippi (Mississippi Burning) -1988
Ernest Saves Christmas (Ernest Saves Christmas) -1988
El escándalo Blaze (Blaze) -1989
Amor perseguido (Love at Large) -1990
Ernest Goes to Jail (Ernest Goes to Jail) -1990
Los timadores (The Grifters) -1990
The Chase (The Chase) -1991
Caza de brujas (Guilty by Suspicion) -1991
Tomates verdes fritos (Fried Green Tomatoes) -1991
El genio (Wishman) -1991
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot) -1992
Cooperstown (Cooperstown) -1993
Extremadamente peligrosa (The Real McCoy) -1993
Borrón y cuenta nueva (Clean Slate) -1994
Sin palabras (Speechless) -1994
Mano a mano con papá (Getting Even with Dad) -1994
Equinocio (Equinox) -1994
Open Season (Open Season) -1995
El último patriota (The Patriot) -1998
Por el amor y la momia (For Love or Mummy) -1998
Equipo a la fuerza (The replacements) -2000